From Vancouver Magazine, 101 local things you should try before you die, I’ve only maybe tried a few of these and some might taste great but I don’t think raw beef will be on my list.


Love this place, it’s a whole in the wall, the service constists of only one waitress, so sometimes your left unattended.But the food is delicious cheap and the portions are huge. I’d say their Pad Thai is the worst thing on the menu, they should change their name or stop using so much ketchup on the noodles, don’t order any noodles for that matter.The yellow prawn curry, big generous portion of prawns green and red peppers and pineapple, spicy and good. I also love the usual chicken cashew with tender moist chicken lots of cashews and just the right amount of spicyiness.Bring lots of people so you can try different things. At lunch they do a $5.95 lunch special served until 5:30pm. 132 Broadway just before Main.

I thought this was interesting, somebody took pictures of actual fast food, next to the ad of the food, obiviously there is no truth in advertising

So the other night we had a family birthday dinner, and we went to one of those boring chain resturants. The Cactus Club, I have had many soso not so good meals at this place but the other night I have to say I had one of the best steaks. I think it really has to do with the location some Cactus Club’s are better than other’s, Broadway and Ash seems to be the one to go to. Oh yeah and this location has the best public washroom in the entire city. We started with some yam fries, served with a side of garlic mayo, pretty dam good. I ordered the 7oz blackend creole steak(cajun steak and spicy creole butter), Best $20 steak in all of Vancouver. It’s served with mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies,(yummy baby asparagus) I subed my potatoes for a ceaser salad instead which is way better than boring mash potaoes. The steak was cooked perfect, just the way I ordered it, medium, it was tender and juicy with a hint of pink, smothered in butter, so decadent I know, but it tasted so good. Lucky for everyone it was double belini tuesday $4.50 hello peach slurpee booze! So all in all if your looking for a really tasty steak and don’t want to spend too much money try the Cactus Club but make sure it’s the one on Broadway and Ash and go on a tuesday so you can toss back a few yummy cheap drinks.

I thought this was interesting weird food from japan, like square watermelon, coffee flavoured gum and what not.


The Parthenon Importers 3080 West Broadway
This has got to be one of my favorite places to food shop. I love the parthenon for it’s great selection of olives, cheeses, and various other greek treats. I went yesterday and picked up some olives, green cerignola( a great meaty kind of olive) and some sicilian (green olives spiced up right with chili’s, lemon and garlic). Also on my shopping list was some fresh feta. I got the canadian, it’s nice and mild, and if you go you can’t leave without some great dips, try the hummus, pressed yogurt tzatziki, or a little baba ghanoush. They have a full deli stocked with meats and cheese, in the aisle’s you’ll find olive oil’s vinegars, condiments from different places, dried goods like pasta, pita bread, etc. Don’t forget the spinach pies. After you’re finished at the parthenon, head further west, to the Broadway Bakery 3273 West Broadway and pick up some fresh flax bread and the best double chocolate cookies.

images.jpgWow and I thought starbucks was bad. A new coffee coming out of san francisco calling itself Meth Coffee. Fresh roasted coffee sprinkled will yerba mate. Sounds dangerous, I’m glad I kicked my coffee addiction years ago. Watch the meth commercial on their site.


Prata Man in Richmond 9060 Capstan Way (604)2781348. This is one of those places I’d always drive by on the way to vancouver via the oak street bridge, and I always wondered if it was any good and what the heck is prata? I found out prata is a bread kinda like roti or a chapati, and this place is really good. Okay don’t let the decor fool you, it’s a whole in the wall, but what they lack in ambiance they make up for in really great inexpensive food. It’s more of a take out place, but if you do go you won’t be disappointed. We ordered what we usually order. Sometimes we change it up, but tonight we ordered the satay half order, 3 sticks of chicken, 3 sticks of pork, followed by the fried rice noodles and the tofu goreng. The fried rice noodles are a curried stir fried melange of noodles, veggies, bbq pork, egg and shrimp. The satay is satay. I usually pass on the beef, sometimes it’s a little dry, and go for the chicken, served with peanut sauce and singaporean pickles. The tofu is deep fried then smothered in bean sprouts and peanut sauce. Everything is super yummy, and the portions are huge. Two can eat for under $20 and leave with a doggy bag. Go and try the hainanese chicken, the speciality, a cold chicken served with rice and spicy sauce, a single order is plenty for two. If the tofu ain’t your thing the beef rendeng is a moist melt in your mouth beef curry. If your hungry bring a few friends and try some different things. You’ll be stuffed for under ten bucks. Oh yeah, and they only accept cash.

tofu1.jpegApparently tofu is really evil, so evil it turns small children gay, that’s what I heard anyways. There is a so called news report floating around on the internet and you know when I first read it I thought, wow tofu turns kids gay. That’s pretty crazy, I couldn’t believed it, but then I started reading more on the so called news site World blah blah something or other. Which when you first look at it seems like a real news site with all this proof and facts. But if you take a closer look they turn out to be right winged, christian fundamentalist, red meat eating, commie, homophobes. So is there any truth to soy making kids gay ? Take a step back because the statement itself is quite ridiculous, kinda like saying the sky is falling, or if you eat red meat you’ll become more hetro. I cannot find any supporting facts to this claim. If the statement was true don’t you think everyone in china would be gay considering soy is one of the main staple’s of their diet. The only things I do find is that tofu is low fat, healthy, and a great alternative to meat. So to all you hippie moms out there don’t believe everything you read on the internet, especially when it’s coming from vegetarian haters. Feel free to feed your lactose intolerant toddlers soy milk. It won’t make them gay. Tofu is still good for you don’t believe the hype there chicken little.

cheerios.jpgI’m not really a breakfast person but lately I’ve started to eat the same breakfast I did when I was a kid. Good old cheerios. I’ve become a fan again. Yes it’s plain, maybe even boring, maybe even not worth talking about but I can’t help myself, I love cheerios and I don’t care who knows. It’s becoming a habit, I know there are probably better things to eat, but I think cheerios are probably pretty healthy. I usually pour some organic 1% milk on them (I see your drinking 1%. Is that cause you think you’re fat? Cause you’re not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to. Dang) anyways… oh yeah cheerios, I love cheerios. I just thought it needed to be addressed cheerios are great. Maybe one day cheerios will become avant-garde, that is only if Ferran AdriĆ  creates a breakfast menu. If you want to read all about my favorite breakfast cereal wiki has some great info.